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How To Add MetaChain Network To MetaMask?

Learn how to manually add the MetaChain network to your MetaMask wallet.

Wednesday, 26 April 2023

In some cases, the MetaChain network that should automatically appear in the network section of MetaMask may not be visible to users. To view the Metatime Coins (MTC) they hold, users can manually add the MetaChain network to their MetaMask wallet, as explained in this guide.

First, log in to your MetaMask wallet and expand the view from the top right corner.

Follow the steps Profile > Settings > Networks.




In the "Networks" page that opens, you should enter the information of the MetaChain Betanet or MetaChain Testnet network that you want to add.


After filling out the information, you can complete the process by clicking on the "Add Network" button.

MetaChain Testnet Information

Network Name: Metatime Testnet

New RPC URL Address:

Chain ID: 1967

Currency Symbol: MTCT

Block Explorer URL Address:

MetaChain Betanet Information

Network Name: Metatime Betanet

New RPC URL Address:

Chain ID: 1919

Currency Symbol: MTC

Block Explorer URL Address: