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A Brand New NFT Experience

MetaNFT offers more than just a platform for buying and selling. This platform has the potential to revolutionize the management of digital assets and unlock the groundbreaking potential of NFTs.

The Gateway to NFTs

Rent or Fractionalize

MetaNFT has features that allow for renting, fractionalizing, and shared ownership of NFTs.

Easy NFT Creation

With MetaNFT, anyone can create NFTs without any knowledge of coding or software development.

Customized NFTs

With MetaNFT, you can generate and personalize NFTs using user-friendly tools.

NFT for Everyone

Tokenize Physical Assets
Through tokenization, MetaNFT makes it easier for you to invest in assets outside the digital world.
Low Fees
MetaNFT provides services with low commission fees for transactions conducted using MetaCoin (MTC) and offers many special opportunities.
Various Industries
MetaNFT will revolutionize not only art collections but also various industries, from real estate to ticketing.

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