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MetaRealEstate enables investors to purchase shares of physical properties by tokenizing real estate assets. Now, thanks to blockchain technology, it is incredibly easy to buy shares of a hotel or residence that has been divided into millions of 'digital' pieces!

Unique Features

Digital Estate

Own real-world real estate with digital ownership!


Tokenize your assets and reach out to investors from all over the world!

Accessible to All

Through blockchain technology, we are democratizing real estate investment.

Real Estate for Everyone



It is now very easy to invest in real estate with less capital. Invest in the real estate you want in any amount you want, and win!



Thanks to MetaRealEstate, you can earn monthly or annual income from the profits of the properties you invest in.



With MetaRealEstate, you can invest in real estate without going through a middleman and save money.

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MetatimeCoin (MTC) was designed as the digital asset with the most extensive range of utilities in Web 3.0.
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