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MetaMiner, MacroMiner, MicroMiner Mining Rights And MetaWhitelist Event

Become a miner on the MetaChain, benefit from advantages and earn income, please carefully read this guide.

Monday, 18 December 2023

MetaChain was launched as MainNet on December 21, 2023. The first major event related to the mining system, the MetaWhitelist event, has started as of now.

Anyone can participate in the "MetaWhitelist" event organized to become MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiner. The event will continue until the mining system is live in 2024. The purpose of this event is to enable users to earn the right to be a priority miner by contributing to the introduction of the ecosystem.

What is MetaWhitelist?

Users on the MetaChain network earn priority to become miners by completing tasks provided through the Zealy platform. The ranking resulting from the collected points determines the users have priority mining rights on Metatime.

What are Mining Rights?

Mining right is a limited set of rights specifically organized for each of the three different methods on the network, granting users priority usage rights for the respective method. Each of these rights also provides users certain advantages related to the specific mining method.

How Many Miners Can There Be?

The initially planned numbers of miners are as follows:

MetaMiner: 10

MacroMiner: 1,000

MicroMiner: 10,000

These total mining numbers represent the number of initial mining rights to be distributed. The total number of miners will increase with the development of the network.

For example, when there are 10,000 MicroMiners, the number of MicroMiner mining rights may be increased to 50,000 when suitable conditions arise. These increases and adjustments will be announced only through Metatime's social media channels and official website.

What Needs to Be Done to Become a Miner?

To obtain priority to become a miner, individuals must perform simple tasks determined by Metatime through the Zealy platform and accumulate points. Mining rights will be offered to users based on the highest point ranking. The right of a user who waives or does not use their right will be transferred to the next person in the ranking. Detailed procedures regarding this matter will be published one week before the live launch of the mining system.

What Will Mining Provide for Me?

Users who obtain the right to become miners will have the priority to mine, earn income, and contribute to the decentralized nature of the MetaChain. Detailed information about mining is provided in the MetaChain Whitepaper. More details will be published on our website's guide page and regularly updated. You can follow all the latest developments related to the event through this guide.

Details on Proof of Meta Mining Methods


MetaMiners provides the most comprehensive mining service on the network. Each MetaMiner securely signs transactions, enhancing the speed of the network. MetaMiners execute the network's most intensive functions, making them crucial in the mining system. For detailed information about MetaMiners, please click here.


The role of MacroMiners is to distribute data on the network in a decentralized manner, contributing to the decentralization of the MetaChain. A more decentralized network harbors more trust. For detailed information about MacroMiners, please click here.


MicroMiners manage the community on the network through mobile and social connections. This mining method represents the social and mobile aspects of the MetaChain network, making it the most suitable mining method for users with limited resources. For detailed information about MicroMiners, please click here.

Please continue to follow this guide for more information.