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MetaNFT: Redefining NFTs With A Brand New Experience

As Metatime, MetaNFT is one of the most important products of our blockchain ecosystem, which we have developed with a human-centered approach.

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

Since we believe that NFTs are not limited to digital image ownership, we designed MetaNFT as a product that can be used in our daily lives and different sectors. Thanks to smart contract structures, users can easily control and manage their NFTs.

MetaNFT offers more than just a platform for trading. With the potential to revolutionize the management of digital assets, this platform will unlock the groundbreaking potential of NFTs.

Sell, Lease, or Stake

MetaNFT offers unparalleled flexibility and freedom for digital assets by providing the user with many options that are not available in competitors, such as the ability to sell, lease, stake, and co-own NFTs in different combinations.

The most important features that distinguish MetaNFT from its competitors can be listed as follows:

  • Creating NFTs easily
  • Customizing and personalizing NFTs,
  • Leasing NFTs
  • Staking NFTs
  • Tokenizing physical assets

Creating NFT Easily

With MetaNFT, anyone can easily create NFTs without knowing any programming language. Anyone with a creative idea will be able to realize their idea and easily produce the NFT of their dreams using the MetaNFT.

Customizing and Personalizing NFTs

With advanced customization options, it's now easy to make your dream come true. MetaNFT is designed for you to produce NFTs as much and as you wish with its countless options.

Leasing NFTs

On many platforms that exist today, NFTs can only be bought and sold. But in real life, 'ownership' offers us much more than that. MetaNFT is designed with exactly this goal in mind and developed to meet every need. For instance, you have a season pass for your favorite football team. Imagine that this ticket is NFT and you can lease this NFT ticket to your friends whenever you want and you can set all the terms with smart contracts. With MetaNFT, you can easily do all this by leasing your NFTs.

Parceling Out NFTs

One of the most important features that distinguish MetaNFT from others is its 'parceling out' feature. Let's explain parceling out with a very popular example: An artist named Beeple sold an NFT for 69 million dollars. Now imagine that we split this NFT into millions of pieces and you become a partner in this NFT by buying as many as you want. MetaNFT allows everyone to invest in NFTs to the extent of their capital, democratizing investment.

Tokenizing Physical Assets

With tokenization, MetaNFT will make it easier for you to invest in assets outside the digital world. A very valuable Picasso painting or a collector's item will be tokenized and anyone who wishes will be able to invest their capital in this work through 'co-ownership'.

In addition, users will be able to convert all their digital assets into 'tokens' and organize them in the form of images or different file types.

A Unique and Efficient Platform Experience with Personalization Options

MetaNFT offers the opportunity to produce NFTs quickly and easily for every person and institution from daily life to the professional business world thanks to its personalized optimization options and user-friendly interface. In addition, with MetaNFT, users have detailed editing options such as page layout, page color, collection sorting, and icon packs for each collection via the management panel.

MetaNFT also offers many personalized opportunities for transactions with MetatimeCoin (MTC), Metatime's native digital asset. These features ensure that MetaNFT provides a unique platform experience and can be customized to suit the needs of its users.