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Capture the Future in Every Area of Life

Blockchain and Digital Solutions

Dozens of diverse digital services are being designed to exist within a harmonious blockchain ecosystem.

Smart, Practical and Fast

The next-gen AI-powered digital asset trading platform MetaExchange is being developed to cater to users of all types.

MetaNFT Marketplace

MetaNFT is redefining NFTs.

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Maximum Efficiency

Mine with your mobile devices with MetaChain's flexible structure and Proof of Meta consensus mechanism.

Decentralized Structure

MetaChain provides complete protection with its decentralized structure and advanced security measures.

Near-Instant Transaction Verification Speed

Save time with 700,000+ transaction check per second.

Blockchain Ecosystem

MetaChain will create the foundation for the digital products developed by Metatime.

Move Forward With The Best

With a vision to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone, we are leading the transformation to Web 3.0. We are working with the best to achieve even greater results! We would like to express our gratitude to all of our investors for their trust and encouragement.

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Smart apps, digital products, hundreds of different services... Now imagine being able to use them all in a single ecosystem, in harmony. Metatime enables you to take part in the world of the future with the most comprehensive digital ecosystem planned with you in mind.

Metatime is building the world's most comprehensive blockchain ecosystem. Much more than a digital asset platform, Metatime is a platform that completely changes the understanding of blockchain with its ecosystem and responds to every need of individuals. It has the fastest transaction check time with its Proof of Meta consensus mechanism. Metatime also has an insurmountable security with the asymmetric encryption structure it uses in the ecosystem. It is an ecosystem with opportunities for everyone, with minimal commissions and investment fees for its users. It does all this with Proof of Meta and MetaEnergy, consuming much less energy than its counterparts.

Metatime makes the use of blockchain technology accessible to all by providing an extensive ecosystem built on MetaChain which can be applied to various industries. Metatime is able to fully unlock the potential of blockchain technology by harmoniously integrating it into daily life through its extensive ecosystem. This allows users to utilize blockchain technology in every aspect of their lives. It takes the entire blockchain world to the next step in terms of speed and security. It allows idea owners who want to exist in the digital world with their own ideas but do not have the ability of software languages to reflect their dreams in the blockchain world with simple steps and easy-to-use interfaces.

Metatime's strategic goals are to become one of the world's top 3 blockchain ecosystems within 3 years and the world's most-used financial ecosystem within 5 years. The ultimate goal is to take its place on the stage as one of the world's largest technology companies in 10 years.

MetaChain is the blockchain network that forms the basic building block of the Metatime ecosystem. Thanks to MetaChain, features and innovations that have never been available on any blockchain network before are included in our ecosystem.

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