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The Crypto Asset of the Digital World

Metatime Coin (MTC) is meeting investors to become the only cryptocurrency that can be used in every field in the future!

Tokenomics Structure
Metatime Coin is the native token of MetaChain. While the initial supply of this coin was announced to be at the 10 billion level, during the launch process of the Metachain Mainnet, we assessed market needs and implemented a deflationary update in the Metatime Coin (MTC) tokenomics structure.
40% Strategic Pool
Strategic Pool represents 4 billion MTCs reserved for burning. These MTCs will be dynamically & manually burned in two years.
5% Strategic Sale
Strategic Sales represents 500 million MTCs reserved for sale.
  • ✦ 1% Seed Sale 1 / 250 days linear vesting
  • ✦ 1% Seed Sale 2 / 250 days linear vesting
  • ✦ 1% Private Sale / 10 days cliff / 100% release
  • ✦ 2% Public Sale / 100 days linear vesting
55% Others
  • 19% Team / 24 months cliff / 1.000 days linear vesting
  • 10% Miner / 2.000 days linear vesting
  • 8% Marketing / 6 months cliff / 500 days linear vesting
  • 5% Liquidity / Only for market making
  • 5% Reward / 5.000 days linear vesting
  • 5% Staking / 1.000 days linear vesting
  • 2% MetaAirdrop / 500 days linear vesting from 01.01.2024✦
  • 1% Charity / 1.000 days linear vesting

  • ✦ 30 million MTC tokens distributed as part of the MetaAirdrop in March, April, and May 2023 will be fully available for use on January 1, 2024.
%50 Strategic Pool
Burn and strategic use. At least 1B MTCs will be burned
%20 Liquidity Pool
Market making and liquidity providing
%12 Miner & Developer
6 months cliff, 1000 days vesting
%10 Team Pool
12 months cliff, 1000 days vesting
%6 Investor Pool
Investor coins acquired through pre-sale, airdrop and staking
%2 Reward Pool
6 months cliff, 1000 days vesting
MTC Circulating Supply Projection

With the recent update, we are sharing some significant changes in the total supply of MTC: 

As part of the new update, we are directly burning 7 billion MTC out of the total supply of 10 billion coins. Through deflationary evaluations, our aim is to strengthen the Metatime ecosystem and support new projects with the strength of this tokenomics.

The total supply of 3 billion MTCs will be reduced to 2 billion MTCs through burn campaigns. The distribution of MTC on MetaChain pools is as follows:



Metatime Coin will be burned regularly with three different burning mechanisms; Auto-Burn, Fee-Burn, and Strategic Burn.



All users who participate in and complete the tasks in the MetaAirdrop event will earn Metatime Coin!

One Asset for

All Products

Use Metatime Coin for all products in the Metatime ecosystem and benefit from the advantages!

200 Milion

Investor Pool

This pool includes all coins, including those acquired through pre-sale processes, distributed via Airdrop, or earned through Staking.

600 Million

Liquidity Pool

Metatime Coins reserved for centralized and decentralized exchange listings for liquidity are part of this pool.

350 Million

Miner Pool

Metatime Coins reserved for Proof of Meta(PoM) miners through the consensus mechanism of MetaChain are included in the miner pool.

50 Million

Reward Pool

Users contributing to the Metatime ecosystem will have gains through the reward pool. These will be distributed with a linear vesting schedule after a 6-month cliff, spanning 1000 days.

300 Million

Team Pool

Representing 300 million MTCs, these Metatime Coins will have linear distribution over 1000 days following a 12-month cliff.

1.5 Billion

Strategic Pool

This pool, totaling 1.5 billion coins, has been updated to support both burning strategies and strategic actions for the development of the ecosystem.


At least 1 billion MTC from this pool will be burned in burning campaigns with in 2024. 

Strategic Actions

Remaining 500 million MTC is allocated to encourage the participation of new institutional investors in the project and to support projects developed within the Metatime ecosystem. 


Metatime Coin's maximum supply is capped at 3 billion coins and cannot be increased. Within this limit, an additional 1 billion coins will be burned over time, reducing the total supply through various burn campaigns to 2 billion MTC. The breakdown of this 2 billion is as shown above. Apart from the 600 million liquidity pool, the remaining 1.4 billion circulating supply will be unlocked over 12 months and 1000 days. The timeline projection can be referenced using the graph above for timing considerations.

The strategic pool, which we have redefined in the new MTC token economy, has a total supply of 1.5 billion. Within this pool, 1 billion coins will be burned in burning campaigns. The remaining 500 million MTC will be allocated for various strategic actions. For instance, this amount will be utilized for the purchase of MTC by new institutional investors or for the use of applications developed by users within the Metatime ecosystem. Developments regarding the utilization of this pool will be announced through our social media accounts. The primary goal of this pool is to enrich the Metatime ecosystem by facilitating new institutional investments and supporting the development of new applications.

In the token economy of Metatime Coin, we have implemented deflationary actions. In this new token economy, we conducted a direct burn for 7 billion coins out of the total supply of 10 billion. Remaining 3 billion in supply will be decreased over time, with 1 billion coins subject to burning campaigns. These campaigns will be announced through our social media channels, and burns will occur based on both social media engagement and surpassing specific price thresholds. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for announcements!

Relevant details can be seen in the Circulating Supply table shared above. The total supply of the items visualized here will be 1.4 billion. The 600 million MTCs allocated in the liquidity pool will be transferred to exchange accounts for market-making activities as the need for liquidity increases in the exchanges. These coins will be used exclusively for market making.

Metatime Ecosystem’s Unique Cryptocurrency
MetatimeCoin (MTC) was designed as the digital asset with the most extensive range of utilities in Web 3.0.