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Metatime Management Communication Update

This is the official announcement regarding the communication processes of Metatime management. Please continue reading for details.

Friday, 8 March 2024

Dear Metatime Family,

As announced in January, a change in Metatime A.Ş.'s shareholder structure has led to the formation of a new management team. As the Metatime management, we have focused on our work, stating that we will provide written announcements when it is necessary. Instead of prioritizing verbal communication channels, we have dedicated ourselves to maturing, developing, and announcing the project developments via official channels.

In February, the process initiated with the MetatimeCoin Tokenomics update continued with the launch of our MetaChain Istanbul test network. On this test network, we have introduced the MetaDex and MetaNFT platforms for the use of our valued community. In the upcoming period, our goal is to focus on our planned projects, providing maximum benefit to both investors and the ecosystem, rather than verbal communication.

The fundamental reason for making project-related announcements only when deemed necessary is for the benefit of both the company and the investors. With this approach, we released MetaDex, MetaNFT, and the Metachain Istanbul test network in February. Additionally, with the MTC burning process, equivalent to 80% of the total supply in the MetatimeCoin tokenomics, we took a significant deflationary step. All these actions are aimed at further developing the Metatime Ecosystem. In the upcoming process, we continue to focus our efforts on implementing projects within our ecosystem while maintaining communication only through corporate channels.

With this announcement, we also want to introduce a new phase in our Telegram groups. From now on, we confirm that our only official communication channels are our official social media accounts and The management team will not prefer any unofficial communication through any group or other channels without confirming the suitability of the conditions. To reiterate, the fundamental reason for this approach is to maximize the contribution of our effort to ecosystem development.

Community managers in Telegram groups will no longer post messages or share information. Our Telegram admins will only serve as moderators to facilitate a respectful dialogue among investors. They will not engage in group discussions and will not share information through direct messages. Since Telegram admins do not have the authority to send messages, you can contact our support team directly to convey your opinions and requests.

Best regards,

Metatime Management Team


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