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MetaChain Istanbul Testnet Is Launched!

Dear users, we are excited to announce that we have launched MetaDEX, MetaNFT, and Faucet projects on our testnet MetaChain Istanbul, along with the Explorer!

Friday, 23 February 2024

With this exciting development, we encourage you to test our services and provide us with valuable feedback. Keep in mind that these products are still in the testing phase and are continually being developed. These projects, integral to the Metatime ecosystem, aim to make a significant impact with their unique features when launched on the MetaChain Mainnet in the future.

Transactions on our MetaChain Istanbul testnet can be viewed on the Explorer specifically designed for MetaChain Istanbul, not the MetaChain Mainnet.

For a more suitable experience, we have prepared a example where you can try out all these services on MetaChain Istanbul:

1- Get 10 testnet MTC on MetaChain Istanbul through the Faucet and try using them on new platforms!

2- Swap these MTC with other test tokens using MetaDEX,

3- Create a unique NFT, and complete a transaction.

4- After completing these steps, if you want to see detailed information about the transactions, access MetaChain Istanbul Explorer and view your transactions on our testnet!

Our products are currently active on the MetaChain Istanbul testnet, and we will continue to improve these platforms based on the feedback we receive from you. You can access the products using the links provided below. We appreciate the contributions of the entire Metatime family!



MetaNFT Marketplace


Please share all your feedback and suggestions with us through the form accessible by clicking here.

Chain Information

Chain Name: MetaChain Istanbul

Chain ID: 1453

Symbol: MTC



Stay tuned for updates by following us!


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