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Information Regarding KYC Procedures

The official statement from our management team regarding KYC and Airdrop.

Monday, 12 February 2024

Dear Metatime Investors

As of January, the locks on Airdrop rewards have started to be released. In the Airdrop campaign, over 2 million social media tasks were completed by our esteemed users. As a result of these tasks, a total of 30 million MTC found its place in the reward pools to have their locks opened. Once again, we extend our infinite thanks to the more than 250,000 users who participated in the Airdrop process!

As previously announced, KYC processes commenced on January 1st. Due to legal regulations, it is mandatory for our users to complete identity verifications to be able to withdraw their earned MetatimeCoins from their wallets. All users must complete the identity verification process by February 14th in order to claim their Airdrop rewards.

The final verification date to receive Airdrop rewards is 02/14/2024.*

Stay tuned to stay informed about the developments.

Kindest Regards,

Metatime Management Team

About Metatime

Metatime emerged as the concept of building the world of the future, envisioning an ecosystem designed 'from the ground up for everyone.'

Conducting the stages of technology development entirely with its own resources, Metatime aims to establish the world's most comprehensive and transparent digital ecosystem. By developing blockchain-based digital products, Metatime designs the future from today. In this context, Metatime continues to develop many products such as MetaChain, MetaWallet, MetaLaunchpad, MetaExchange, and MetaNFT, completely considering and designing them for users from the ground up, shaping the world of the future today.
With a vision to make blockchain accessible to everyone, Metatime leads the way in the transformation to Web 3.0.

By envisioning a future where blockchain becomes accessible to everyone, Metatime leads the way in spearheading the Web 3.0 transformation.


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