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What Is Source Code? What Does Source Code Do?

Software is a set of machine commands developed to perform different and comprehensive tasks, enabling electronic devices to communicate and adapt to each other.

One of the most important concepts in the software world is the source code.

Source code is the main source where all the code in a software can be viewed. The source code contains all the components, codes, status codes, etc. of the software. It contains instructions. Thanks to the source code, it is easy to understand what functions a program or software can perform. Source codes can be read by a computer. Source codes can also be read by humans.  A software developer or programmer can open the source code. He or she can then see which functions are included in the source code. In this case, the programmer can understand how the program or software in question can react in which situations and how. The source code of these programs can be found on the hard disks of computers or in the databases of programs.

Programmers and developers use different software languages to create software. In the same way, they can use many different software to create these source codes. For example, a developer who wants to develop a web software in PHP can create the entire software system using a simple Notepad, or he or she can choose a more advanced and easier software production tool such as Eclipse.

The breadth and variety of source code is usually directly proportional to the functions of the program in question. When looking at the source code of a sophisticated computer program with a large number of functions, thousands of files can be found.


The source code of even many small pieces of software does not fit in a single file and can be composed of dozens of files to complete all the functions.


Source code may be published in an open or closed form at the discretion of the developers. Software programs shared or published with closed source codes cannot be viewed and developed by other developers and software developers. Software programs published with open source codes can be viewed, edited and developed by other developers and software developers. Developers can use these open source codes to create other software.

Source code refers to any software written in programming languages that people can work on before it is processed and translated into machine language. Source code can be opened, compiled and run in an integrated development environment. All source code files can be combined and made available on a target computer.

For-profit institutions and organizations that believe that the important information and data of their products and services are in the source code of their products and services prefer to hide their source code. Software whose source code is not hidden is called "open source" or free software. Examples of free software include the GNU/Linux operating system and the integrated development environment Eclipse. As another method, many for-profit institutions or organizations create their software in an open source format in order to gain trust in the industry.

What Are the Benefits of Source Code?

The following can be stated as the benefits of source codes:

  • It allows a programmer or software developer to learn how and using which method the relevant program was written.
  • It teaches which method a programmer can follow when programming.
  • It enables the programmer to contribute to the development of the program by making additions to the source code.
  • It helps the user to better understand the software in question.

What Are the Types of Source Code?

Source codes are divided into two:

  • Open Source
  • Closed Source Code

What Is Open Source Code?

Open source code refers to the source code of software where the source code of the software is accessible to everyone.

Open source software can be used and exploited by other developers.

What Is Closed Source Code?

Closed source code is a type of source code where the source code of the software is not allowed to be viewed by anyone. Thanks to this code structure, the information contained in the source code remains confidential.

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