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The New Standard In The Blockchain World: MetaChain

Blockchains have emerged as one of the most efficient and exciting technologies for the future since their inception.

Metatime envisions the widespread use of this technology in every part of life. In line with this vision, it was necessary to create a broad structure both technologically and in terms of scope. Recently launched as the MainNet, MetaChain has immediately made a tangible impact on users with its high speed. This content will provide you with many details about MetaChain, including solutions, goals, operational mechanisms, and more.

What is MetaChain?

MetaChain is a technology developed since 2019 in line with the vision offered by Metatime, aiming to be the world's fastest blockchain. Unlike other blockchains, MetaChain aims to go beyond limited use cases. Metatime has conceptualized various products, projects, and services to unleash the full potential of blockchain. With the advent of the Web 3.0 era, Metatime plans to develop and introduce all these products on a single blockchain ecosystem to bring the world to the brink of a technological transformation. The first steps in this direction were taken with the readiness of a milestone like MetaChain MainNet in recent days. The next steps include further developing this technology and adding new products to the ecosystem.

Prominent Technical Features of the MetaChain

  • The MetaChain consists of a total of 19 nodes.
  • MetaChain uses the Proof of Meta consensus.
  • It offers a hybrid mining structure with 3 types of miners: MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiner.
  • Transaction fees are low and serve the purpose of ensuring network security.
  • It has a transaction processing capacity of over 700,000 transactions per second, achieving nearly instantaneous speed for the entire network.
  • In terms of computations, it is theoretically projected to handle up to 3.3 million transactions per second as long as TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) support is provided.
  • MetaChain achieves high performance even in different usage scenarios with MetaAnthill, handling transfers almost instantly (<0.1 sec).

MetaChain Offers Near-Instant Transaction Speeds Without High Fees

Tests conducted for MetaChain demonstrated the smooth control of over 700,000 transactions per second (TCPS) using 19 nodes. MetaChain, with its next-gen technology, enables transactions to be made nearly 10 times faster and cheaper than the most widely used blockchains in the industry. Below is a comparison table to illustrate this.

Comparison Table

Blockchain Transaction Processing Time TCPS
MetaChain (MetatimeCoin- MTC) <0.1 sec 700,000+
Bitcoin (BTC) 10 min 7
Ethereum (ETH) 15 sec 100,000
Avalanche (AVAX) 1-2 sec 6,500
Solana (SOL) 0.4 sec 60,000

As evident from the comparison above, MetaChain has already made the technology of the future much more usefull and faster.

Building the World's Most Comprehensive Web 3.0 Ecosystem by Establishing the New Standard in Blockchain

In pursuit of its vision and goals, Metatime began designing dozens of digital products and projects in 2019, initiating R&D efforts. The blockchain network that will host these digital solutions and products, named MetaChain MainNet, was recently introduced to users. In line with the Metatime vision, the aim is to build future products on this infrastructure, targeting the widespread use of the MetaChain in every area.

All Transaction Fees in the MetaChain Ecosystem are Symbolic

Moreover, this entire ecosystem will transform into a platform containing user-friendly products and technologies. The developed structure only charges symbolic transaction fees to ensure blockchain security. These symbolic transaction fees are collected to prevent possible attacks.

MetaChain Minimizes Blockchain Trilemma Issues with New Technologies

Metatime adopted a comprehensive approach to solve the trilemma problem, developing the best solution. With the goal of achieving optimal efficiency in the trilemma, considering various usage scenarios, the Metatime ecosystem successfully minimized this problem. The ecosystem established the most efficient structures on existing hardware, creating a hybrid mining system that can integrate directly with hardware dependent on human factors. As a result, MetaChain succeeded in minimizing these problems by offering solutions tailored to user needs.

Scalability Issues are Solved with MetaAnthill

MetaAnthill technology maximizes transaction capacity in the network by maximizing speed. This smart load distribution ensures the best performance according to different usage scenarios.

How Does MetaAnthill Achieve This?

MetaAnthill, integrated into the MetaChain, is an advanced service. Developed concurrently with MetaChain, MetaAnthill technology provides variable load distribution and optimization based on possible transaction intensity on the MetaChain. This dynamic structure is inspired by the architecture of ant colonies. As usage scenarios change, the network's performance and transaction capacity adapt to the intensity.

Security Issues Prevented by Hybrid Mining

As known, MetaChain offers users three mining methods: MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiner. Each of these mining types plays an active role in the distributed structure and security of the MetaChain, contributing to certain secondary responsibilities beyond their main responsibilities.

Proof of Meta Consensus Mechanism

The hybrid structure of MetaChain's Proof of Meta (PoM) consensus was specially developed to overcome the blockchain trilemma. Unlike other blockchains, this unique structure places user participation and direction at the forefront while creating a decentralized framework.

Operation of MetaChain and High-Speed Transaction Process

Multi-platform supported developments in MetaChain allow maximum performance across a wide range of devices, from servers to computers and mobile devices. This enables optimal performance from each device type in conjunction with the three mining types.

When any transaction request is received on the MetaChain, MetaAnthill on the relevant node detects and pre-checks the transaction. After the control process, consensus is reached among nodes depending on the type of transaction, completing the synchronization process. Thanks to this architecture, transaction control and acceptance can be achieved within milliseconds. One of the most important reasons for the network's high speed is this.

Features and Responsibilities of MetaAnthill

The MetaAnthill system, developed to achieve high-speed synchronization of the hybrid mining system on MetaChain and to efficiently use hardware resources independently of the platform, was designed taking inspiration from ant colonies. MetaAnthill adopts the working methodology of ants, which can instinctively realize the most advanced scenarios in terms of workload distribution and efficiency.

Technically, MetaAnthill functions as a task library. Its most important role is serving as an accelerator and intelligent transaction router. MetaAnthill, capable of scanning at the hardware level and moving according to the configuration of the hardware and its available resources, also establishes the network's path structure for inter-node synchronization. This process, the system separates incoming queries, transfers, and others. Through smart load optimization, functions in the hybrid mining system begin working, preparing the ground for MetaMiner and MacroMiner to create blocks. Processed transactions are broadcast throughout the network and synchronized by MetaMiner and MacroMiner.

Next-Gen Blockchain: MetaChain

In line with Metatime's vision, MetaChain will set a new standard in the blockchain world by offering users high-speed transactions with symbolic transaction fees. With features such as a hybrid mining system, MetaAnthill technology, and the Proof of Meta (PoM) consensus mechanism, MetaChain minimizes general blockchain issues such as scalability, decentralization, and speed. Thank you for patiently reading up to this point. For more information, you can visit the Metatime Whitepaper.

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