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Mining with less technical competence, including your mobile devices, with MetaChain's flexible structure and Proof of Meta consensus.


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Fully protected ecosystem from beginning with its distributed servers and advanced security measures located on every continent.


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Save time while making your dreams come true with over 1,000,000 transactions per second.


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With MetaPayment, make all your payments flexibly on a single platform.


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Think about the amount of time you spend in a digital world; the smart applications, digital products, and hundreds of different online services that consume so much of your daily life… Now imagine accessing all of them in one place: A harmonious single distributed blockchain ecosystem. At Metatime, we have you in mind as we create a future with the most comprehensive digital ecosystem that you can manage all from a single screen.

Metatime is the world's most comprehensive blockchain ecosystem with over 70 innovative products. The Metatime ecosystem is much more than a digital asset exchange. It is a platform that can meet everyone’s needs by completely changing the understanding of blockchain. It has the fastest blockchain ecosystem with Proof of Meta consensus. Metatime has reached an insurmountable security system with asymmetric encryption systems for the entire ecosystem. To create an ecosystem with opportunities for every person, Metatime keeps commission and investment fees to a minimum for its users, while also using Proof of Meta and MetaEnergy; thus, using much less energy than its competitors.

Metatime offers the use of MetaChain, its own blockchain network with an expansive and comprehensive ecosystem which now facilitates the use of blockchain technology in every field in a way that appeals to everyone. MetaChain has revealed the full potential of blockchain technology with more than 70 products. Its products are integrated into the daily life of the ecosystem, which allows everyone to use blockchain at any second of the day. Carrying blockchain to the next step, Metatime has created a space where both speed and security are a priority. We enable innovators who want to exist in the digital world with their own ideas, but not having knowledge on coding and programming languages, to realize their dreams in the blockchain world with very simple steps and easy-to-use interfaces.

Short term, we want to be one of the three largest blockchain ecosystems in the world. In five years, we want to be the most used finance ecosystem across the globe. By ten years, we want to be the largest and most used technology and finance company worldwide.