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What Is Do Your Own Research (DYOR)? What Does It Provide To Investors?

DYOR is an advisory term for crypto traders. Traders are advised to do their own research first.

Do Your Own Research is an advisory concept for cryptocurrency investors. DYOR aims to prevent the ignorance of people who invest in cryptocurrencies.

What Is Do Your Own Research (DYOR) in Crypto?

The concept of do your own research (DYOR) was popularized during the wave of ICO projects between 2016 and 2018. Do your own research is seen as a way to combat scams that investors may encounter. DYOR advises investors to thoroughly research and understand potential investments before investing in a project. Investors are informed about the cryptocurrency projects they want to invest in, and also understand why they are buying. Do your own research aims to prevent fraud and mistrust.

The term DYOR is used as a disclaimer on the cryptocurrency platform. A cryptocurrency trader or commentator may add the abbreviation DYOR at the end of their cryptocurrency review. This abbreviation advises that you should first do your own research on the review article.

How to Do Your Own Research?

If an investor wants to invest in a cryptocurrency, the first thing to look at is the price value. It is very important to study the volume and price chart of the cryptocurrency to be traded. The "whitepaper" of the cryptocurrency helps to understand what the cryptocurrency contains, what it provides, and how it was created. The whitepaper also provides information about tokenomics.

If one wants to do research on DeFi (Decentralized Finance) projects, one of the most important topics is TVL (Total Value Locked). All information about this value, including descriptions, debt collateral, and liquidity pool funding, is included in the smart contracts of the respective projects.

In addition, examining the platforms where analysis and opinions on investment are presented is one of the research that should be considered when making DYOR.

Why Is Do Your Own Research Important?

In the crypto market, "shilling" is the name given to all the manipulative actions people take to increase the value of their cryptocurrencies. The aim of this movement is for some people to deceive other people on social media into buying cryptocurrencies for their own benefit. It is usually quite common on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. However, it is difficult to distinguish fake accounts created in this way. For this reason, you should do your own research before making any investment.

What Are the Advantages of Do Your Own Research?

Thanks to DYOR, as an investor, you will not rely on an uncertain source and risk losing your capital. Many of the scams can be difficult to understand. Many traders have fallen for them and lost significant amounts of money. In line with the research conducted, measures can be taken against scams and fake profiles created on social media platforms. DYOR protects you from shilling, the aggressive behavior of a person or group to deceive investors, which is common in the cryptocurrency market. DYOR is advise created to protect investors and their capital.

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