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Metaverse, Virtual Reality Headset, And The Tech Hardware Competition Of Giants

With the advancement of technology, a new product is included in our lives every day. The most intriguing developments of recent years are in the field of Metaverse and virtual reality headset.

Numerous large technology and IT companies continue to work extensively and invest heavily in the Metaverse. Digital universes are being created where people can have fun with their digital identities in another dimension, where they can do their shopping and many other uses. Large companies such as Apple and Meta continue to develop different hardware to offer this digital integration to users in the most optimized way. Metaverse and virtual reality headset are the most important technological developments in this competition. Using these advanced headset, users can enter the Metaverse universe of their choice. These virtual universes are presented to users through Metaverse and headset without completely breaking away from reality. The best experience is provided with visual and auditory stimuli. Virtual reality, 'Vision Pro', which is announced to be released by Apple in 2024, and Quest Pro developed by Meta have once again come to the agenda, including mainstream media.

What Are Metaverse Headset and How Do They Work?

Virtual reality headset are devices equipped with next-generation technologies that allow users to enter the Metaverse universes without any physical effort. Through these Metaverse headset, users can interact with other users, objects, and spaces in the virtual universe they have entered. In Metaverse universes, the auditory and visual sensors provided by the headset are designed to best reflect the user to the universe and the universe to the user. In addition to the headset, the Metaverse may require additional hardware for a better virtual experience. It also provides a certain amount of storage space inside these headset. Today, many large companies interested in creating the Metaverse universe have started to develop and launch their hardware.

What Is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple has been working on the Metaverse for a very long time. The giant company finally introduced its mixed reality headset at the WWDC 23 event, which has been eagerly awaited for a while. With the Vision Pro developed with mixed reality technology, it is also commented that a new era has begun in AR/VR headset. Apple Vision Pro offers many exciting features such as advanced eye-tracking technology, precise motion tracking, wide field-of-view support, and spatial audio features. Apple Vision Pro promises users a much different Metaverse experience. Apple Vision Pro can work like a computer or TV with Bluetooth hardware.

Many experts believe that these developments herald a new Metaverse era.

Not just a Metaverse headset, Apple Vision Pro also allows the wearer to communicate with the people around them. In business meetings and similar organizations, the headset make virtual meetings much better. The headset, which allow visuals to be viewed from every angle, also offer the ability to record simultaneously with different camera systems. People can record their memories, as in an episode of the world-famous Black Mirror series. In this sense, the device makes a difference in the sector.

One of the most important details of mixed reality headset is their impact on movie experiences. Especially in 3D movies, Apple Vision Pro leaves a very high-level effect. At the same time, this device means that a new era will begin in video games. Apple also announced a partnership with Disney at the same time. In addition to video games, collaboration with Marvel is seen as an important step to improve the mixed reality experience of users. At the same time, the headset draw attention with their very comfortable and comfortable structure.

Micro LED technology is also included in Apple Vision Pro's advanced eye-tracking system. Thus, it is planned to provide users with the best quality images. In addition to the M2 processor, the mixed reality headset also have a new processor called R1. With the R1 processor that minimizes latency, it promises better performance in games and other applications.

Apple Vision Pro reflects high sound quality to the user in 3D with its stereo speakers.

'The Most Technological Device Ever Developed'

To act as a computer, different applications and program supports are also available on the device. Apple Vision Pro can work in full harmony with Microsoft Professional applications. Unity support is also available on the device. Apple states that Vision Pro is ambitiously presented as the most technological device ever developed. Optic ID technology is also available on the headset.

It was announced at the event that the headset will be on sale starting next year. The first price for Apple Vision Pro was announced as 3,500 US dollars.

What Is Meta Quest Pro 2?

Meta, one of the companies that invested heavily in Metaverse technology, announced Meta Quest Pro last year.

Meta Quest Pro was introduced to users with Meta Connect 2022. Impressing users before Apple Vision Pro, these Metaverse headset stand out with their advanced features.

Meta has learned from some failed attempts and user feedback to create a much more complete piece of hardware.

Meta Quest Pro has lenses called "Pancake." Thanks to these lenses, a much clearer and sharper image is presented to users. The screens behind the lenses have a resolution of 1800x1920 and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It has been proven with Meta Quest Pro that it is possible to provide much clearer images in the VR world. There are camera systems on the front of the headset. There are also two different cameras at the bottom. These cameras detect the facial movements of the users. In this way, these movements can be reflected in the avatars in the Metaverse universe. There is a "light blocker" in the box of Metaverse headset. When this device is attached to the headset, the light from outside is completely blocked. Users can focus better with this additional feature.

Meta Quest Pro features 12 GB RAM. The processor used by the device is the XR2 virtual reality processor developed by Qualcomm. In addition, these headset are 40% thinner and lighter than the previously released Quest 2. All the additional accessories and hardware that can be attached to the headset add 175 grams of additional weight to the device.

Another feature of Meta Quest Pro is its improved controllers. These controllers can be used independently from Meta Quest Pro. Thanks to its 360-degree motion detection capability and sensors, it offers a better experience. Finally, with the attachments that can be attached to the bottom of these controllers, users can also handle tasks such as 3D design and writing.

Another important difference from Quest 2 is that the new version's controllers have an internal battery instead of a battery. At the same time, these controllers can read the user's arm and leg movements with artificial intelligence support.

It is the first time the entire body is visible in a VR universe.

What Is VR/AR/MR Mentioned in Metaverse Headset Technologies? What Are the Differences?

When researching Metaverse headset, many users often encounter the following concepts; Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). These are different technologies that allow reality to come together with the virtual world with developing technologies.

What Is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is a technology that allows users to enter a completely virtual environment. Virtual reality generally involves users accessing virtual worlds through a headset, headset, or headphones. This user can experience virtual worlds through the content in the headset or headset. During virtual reality, the user interacts with the virtual world around them in complete isolation from the real world.

What Is Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed reality technology combines the real and virtual worlds. The user can both interact with the concrete environment in the real world and see the factors in the virtual environment integrated into the real world. In mixed reality, users can interact with virtual objects while interacting with objects in the real world. For instance, the user can place a virtual box on a real table or hang a virtual Vincent van Gogh painting on a real wall.

What Is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is a technology that can equip the real world with virtual objects and content. Augmented reality technology is mostly implemented using smartphones, tablets, and AR headset.

The user continues to see the real world, but can also see virtual content superimposed on it.

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