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Break the Boundaries in Payment Solutions!

MetaPayment enables the consolidation of all payment methods in a compatible and flexible manner under a single roof, allowing all payment transactions to be conducted through a single platform.

The Key to Secure, Fast, and Flexible Payments

MetaPayment brings together the next generation of payment methods with flexible use for everyone.

All Payment Methods, A Single Platform


It provides the convenience of making daily expenses with digital assets. Users can pay with the digital asset of their choice.


MetaCard holders use MetaPos to receive payments easily from e-commerce websites, gaining advantages.

Physical Pos

MetaPayment businesses owned a physical branch can also receive payments with digital assets through physical POS.


With MetaMLM, users can benefit from discounts and take advantage of favorable campaigns in MetaPayment transactions.


Users will have the opportunity to make and receive payments through links they create within the application.

QR Code

Making digital asset payments through QR codes via the Metatime application has never been easier and more secure.

Earn with MetaMLM

Take advantage of discounts and favorable campaigns through MetaMLM, and earn more from your purchases.

User-friendly Blockchain Explorer

Metatime Ecosystem’s Unique Cryptocurrency
Metatime Coin (MTC) was designed as the digital asset with the most extensive range of utilities in Web 3.0.
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How Do I Earn MTC?
With Its Unique Reward System Everyone Wins
MetaAirdrop, designed specifically for Metatime's digital asset MTC, brings participants one of the largest Airdrop rewards in history. With a 200 million MTC prize pool, everyone wins. Don't miss the opportunity, register now!
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