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Change the Cinema Industry with Blockchain!

MetaMovie enables film, series, and documentary directors to easily raise funds while tokenizing films, allowing anyone to become an investor.

The Next-Gen Movie Industry

MetaMovie provides a fundraising platform for individuals in the film industry who are talented and creative but may have limited resources to showcase their talents and creativity on the big screen. Films are tokenized, allowing anyone to support the film.

Showcase Your


Easily present your creative project to investors within the ecosystem with a pre-production that doesn't require any professional equipment.

Set the

Funding Amount

As the next step, determine the funding amount needed for the project's progress and present it within the ecosystem.

Raise Funds


The project is then tokenized, and investors can purchase these tokens to invest in the project.

User-friendly Blockchain Explorer

Revolutionary Technology

MetaMovie helps independent directors and producers find resources for their projects.
The entire process is transparent and secure thanks to blockchain technology. Anyone can track the entire process from start to finish.
Projects are tokenized, allowing anyone to invest. This ensures that creative processes remain untouched, and anyone can contribute to the project.
Metatime Ecosystem’s Unique Cryptocurrency
MetatimeCoin (MTC) was designed as the digital asset with the most extensive range of utilities in Web 3.0.
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