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MetaRealEstate: Affordable Real Estate Investment Thanks To Digital Ownership

In today's world, where buying a house has become almost impossible, Generation Y and Generation Z are looking for new ways to own property.

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

About 75% of both generations say owning a home is one of their top priorities. However, compared to 50 years ago, real estate investment has become almost impossible for many people due to high prices.

The main factor that makes real estate investment attractive to many investors is its stable and secure returns. Blockchain offers a new alternative for those who cannot afford to invest large amounts of capital.

Simple Solution with Metatime and Blockchain: Tokenized Real Estate

By allowing users to buy shares in physical properties through digital ownership, Metatime's MetaRealEstate product opens up new opportunities for those looking to invest in real estate with less capital. Purchasing "tokenized" shares of a hotel or apartment that have been divided into millions of "digital" shares and having a say in the management of these properties is a game changer. This allows Generation Y and Generation Z to invest in real estate. Furthermore, MetaRealEstate, which eliminates borders through digital ownership, allows for real estate investment anywhere in the world.

Metatime Removes Barriers to Digital Ownership for Gen Y and Gen Z with MetaRealEstate!

MetaRealEstate democratizes real estate investment with a unique approach that is different from all existing real estate investment tools. Metatime purchases or constructs properties in the real world and then divides them into thousands of pieces and converts them into tokenized shares. Thus, investors can buy shares equivalent to their existing capital amount on MetaExchange. Users who own shares can also benefit from the profits generated by the property on a monthly or yearly basis. While not owning the entire property, MetaRealEstate allows users to partially own the property and benefit from stable returns and increasing asset value over time. This solution stands out as an important solution that allows people to invest as much as their capital allows. Additionally, shareholders have a say in property-related decisions. This makes it easier to invest in real estate anywhere in the world thanks to digital ownership, while also enabling real estate investment with low capital.

Real Estate Owners Can Tokenize Their Assets Without Intermediaries

MetaRealEstate provides numerous benefits for those interested in investing in real estate, as well as important features for property owners. Any real estate owner who wants to tokenize their assets and list them on the platform can use MetaRealEstate. The property owner who contacts all potential investors has the potential to raise funds from thousands of individual investors. Real estate properties listed for tokenization can easily reach their true value without the use of intermediaries because they are accessible to thousands of investors from all over the world.

In this manner, anyone can purchase the desired number of shares, and the real estate owner can earn an income equal to the true value of their assets. Metatime, which aims to build the most important ecosystem of Web 3.0, also provides investors from all over the world with the opportunity to invest in real estate with low capital by eliminating middlemen with MetaRealEstate.

With MetaRealEstate, Metatime, which brings a new "standard" to Web 3.0 with its unrivaled ecosystem, fast blockchain technology, and vision, continues to change the world.