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MetaLaunchpad: More Than A Launchpad, An Innovative Platform

In the simplest terms, launchpad platforms are platforms that bring together capital owners looking for projects to become early investors and developers looking to take their projects to the next level.

Wednesday, 14 June 2023

This gives investors the chance to invest in promising projects at very early stages at low prices. By generating revenue from sales on launchpad platforms, project developers can both build a community and continue to develop their projects by raising funds.

So, Why is MetaLaunchpad Different From Other Platforms?

MetaLaunchpad provides a structure where anyone can create their digital asset by examining Web 2.0 platforms as well as Web 3.0 projects. While creating a platform where developers can build a community and raise funds, it also provides an infrastructure where anyone can tokenize their products and services without knowing the software.

MetaLaunchpad with Easy-to-Use

While developing MetaLaunchpad, we aimed to provide a user-friendly and easy interface. With this practical interface, MetaLaunchpad users can quickly create digital assets.

Approved Digital Assets are Listed Instantly

With MetaLaunchpad, users can determine all the details of their digital assets themselves. In this way, every user, after going through the necessary steps, can easily be listed with MetaLaunchpad by creating a unique digital asset. After the listing process, the asset is offered for sale publicly.

The unique features of MetaLaunchpad are:

  • Advanced Mode
  • MetaLaunchpad Wizard / No-Code
  • Airdrop / MetaAirdrop
  • MetaMLM / 19-stepped marketing tool with the reference system
  • Priority listing in MetaExchange
  • Priority launch on the MetaChain network
  • Discounted and priority access to all products of the Metatime ecosystem
  • Right to receive investment from MetaLabs support fund

MetaLaunchpad Advanced Mode Feature

With the advanced mode feature, MetaLaunchpad users can easily perform all technical and personalization settings of the digital asset they will create. Countless advanced features and technical details are available for users to choose from a single screen. By planning every detail of the asset in a way that leaves no room for doubt, the user can both save time and create a digital asset in a completely free form.

Faster Digital Asset Creation with MetaLaunchpad Wizard

MetaLaunchpad Wizard offers very simple digital asset creation steps for users. Users follow the simple instructions step by step. Thanks to these steps, all users can create a new digital asset within minutes without any software knowledge.

Most Importantly: All Digital Assets Created with MetaLaunchpad Gain MetaAirdrop Feature!

When a user creates a digital asset with MetaLaunchpad, they can use MetaAirdrop, another unique product from Metatime, to launch their asset. MetaAirdrop is the latest airdrop system that utilizes next-generation artificial intelligence (AI)-powered data collection tools, leading the way for the digital asset to building its community. Each digital asset created with MetaAirdrop's lucrative structure can advantageously realize its own airdrop.

With MetaLaunchpad, any person, organization, or community can easily create the digital asset they want. In this way, users of all ages can raise funds by reaching their investors in any way they want. MetaLaunchpad users can invest by selecting any of the listed digital assets. Thus, as digital asset increases in value, both developers and investors get the chance to earn more.

The next-generation digital asset-building platform for anyone who wants to exist in the digital world: MetaLaunchpad!