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MTC 'HODL' Rewards: A Massive 11 BTC Prize Pool!

We've set up a grand reward pool of 11 BTC for everyone who holds $MTC (MetatimeCoin). Hold on to your MTC investment to increase your chances of winning.

Thursday, 20 July 2023

We have an exciting announcement for all Metatime (MTC) investors!
We are incredibly proud to share our newly revised reward pool with you.
Make the most of your MTC assets and increase your chances of winning.

From 1st July 2023 to 10th September 2023,
a) the $MTC in your Metatime wallet and/or
b) the $MTC you've staked and/or
c) the $MTC in your account on centralized exchanges where it's listed and/or
d) the $MTC in your cold wallet,

will each earn 1 LT (Lottery Ticket - Raffle ticket) for every 10 days they remain untouched.

For example: If you hold 10,000 $MTC in your Metatime wallet without any movements for 10 days, you will earn a full 10,000 LT, which is equivalent to 10,000 raffle tickets.

More MTC held for a longer duration equates to more raffle tickets and hence a higher chance of winning.

Each LT earned increases your potential to claim a share from the total reward pool of 11 BTC.

On 19th September 2023, we will be drawing the raffle where 1,111 lucky investors will share the total reward pool of 11 BTC:

• The top investor will be rewarded with a full 1 BTC.
• 10 investors will be rewarded with 0.1 BTC each.
• 100 investors will be rewarded with 0.01 BTC each.
• 1,000 investors will be rewarded with 0.008 BTC each.

This campaign offers a total earning opportunity of 11 BTC!

By 'HODLing' your MTC in your Metatime wallet, on any centralized or decentralized exchange where Metatime is listed, or in any stake pool, you can participate in this raffle and claim your share of the reward pool.

A form will be published on 10th September 2023 regarding how and where you are holding your MTC.
Upon confirmation of the accuracy of your information in the form, your raffle tickets will be assigned.
Following this, the winners will be announced in a live draw on 19th September 2023.

We wish you the best of luck!


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