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MetaAirdrop Events Are Coming To An End On July 31st

We are ending our MetaAirdrop events that have been running since March 3, 2023, on July 31, 2023.

Monday, 17 July 2023

Twitter's restrictions on Metatime hashtags and MetaAirdrop users, as well as new rules such as tweet reading limits, have rendered the platform unusable.

Another reason for terminating the MetaAirdrop events is the early listing of Metatime Coin on exchanges ahead of the scheduled date.

Additionally, the high volume of activity related to MetaAirdrop in our Telegram channel and support center has made it difficult for us to find quick solutions to other issues.

All MTC and MTAp tokens earned within the scope of MetaAirdrop so far will be distributed to our users according to the conditions we have previously shared.

All users who complete the tasks by August 1st will have their MTC rewards reflected in their accounts in the same way.

Real-time special tasks, giveaways, rewards, and campaigns that benefit the community and ecosystem will continue on the Zealy platform.

MetaAirdrop's total reward pool was 200 million MTC. 33 million MTC tokens have been distributed so far. On August 1st, 3 million MTC tokens will be distributed to users who completed the tasks in July.

The remaining 164 million MTC tokens from the 200 million MTC pool will be distributed through giveaways and events on Zealy and other social platforms.


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