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How To Use Metatime Settings And My Referrals Section?

Learn how to use Metatime's settings and referral program.

Monday, 6 March 2023

You can view the details of your account or make changes via the Metatime dashboard. This guide panel has been prepared to show you how you can use it.

In the Metatime dashboard, you can edit your profile information, change your profile photo or view permissions granted and account activities by going to the "Profile" tab in the "Settings" section on the left side. You can freeze or permanently delete your account in the profile section.

You can check your message permissions and make changes to your password or contact information in the second section "Security" in the Settings.

You can access your referral code from the "My Referrals" section on the left side of the Metatime panel. With your referral code, you can invite your friends and view the people who have registered on Metatime with your referral.

One of the most important benefits of the referral program is that it earns MetaPoint.