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How To Buy Metatime Coin (MTC) With Turkish Lira?

Learn how to buy MTC with Turkish lira.

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Follow these steps to buy Metatime Coin (MTC) with Turkish lira:

  • In the window that opens, click on the "Fiat Currency"tab and then click on "Turkish lira".

  • Select "Türkiye İş Bank"from the panel that opens.
  • Copy the recipient name, IBAN details, and reference number. (Do not forget to paste the referral code in the description for the transfer to be completed).

  • Fill in the relevant fields on the screen where you will make an EFT or wire transfer from your bank application. (If you are depositing money from abroad: you will also need to enter the SWIFT code).
  • Depending on your bank, the completion time of your transfer may vary.
  • After the transfer is completed, you can create your order by clicking on the "MTC Pre-Order"button.